Why Do SharePoint Projects Fail?

Why Do SharePoint Projects Fail?

Paul, at cleverworkarounds.com, has written a series of articles you should read before even contemplating starting a SharePoint project. In case that doesn’t get your attention, there is beer, or at least tequila, involved.

Asking why SharePoint projects fail is like asking why people pay money to see Steven Seagal movies, why Americans think Australians actually drink Fosters or why men leave the toilet seat upright. The answer is, they just *do*.

So let’s peel back the onion that is a SharePoint project going bad and see what we can find (apart from tears).

To make this exercise more palatable, let’s play a drinking game. If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you have to down a double tequila slammer. So get your salt and lemon ready and let’s go.

  • Does the problem statement state that it will “improve” something but not say by how much?
  • Has this project been given a catchy acronym as part of a communications plan?
  • Have mouse pads/screen savers/mugs been distributed with the aforementioned acronym?
  • Have you undertaken the requirements analysis phase *after* the product has been chosen?
  • Do your stakeholders have varying interpretations on what ‘the problem’ actually is?
  • Do your stakeholders have vastly different backgrounds, skills and understanding of what is to be delivered?
  • Do your stakeholders suggest that the project has only one shot to get it right?

End quote.

To read the rest, go to http://www.cleverworkarounds.com/2008/04/11/why-do-sharepoint-projects-fail-part-1/

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