Why am I bashing Microsoft?

During the writing and editing of my soon-to-be-released book, I’ve had great help from community reviewers. In addition, some of the content of the book has been available to members of the book mailing list. This feedback has been immensely valuable, and I would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback, good or bad.

I’ve received some comments and feedback on my writing attitude. Publicly, Sahil Malik, the TR for the book, stated that he liked the honesty (you read his review, right?), but in private Sahil has told me I’ll be pissing off a lot of people in Redmond. A few other comments have noted the same.

Let me clear up any misunderstanding right now: I absolutely love SharePoint, I think it is a fantastic product. Microsoft has done a marvelous job. If, given the chance, I wouldn’t trade working with SharePoint for all the gold in the known universe.

So, why am I bashing SharePoint and Microsoft in the book? Two reasons, really.

First, I want SharePoint to improve. I’ll dig through the dirt and find out what really goes on behind the scenes. When I find something wrong, ugly, or prone to misunderstanding I’ll drag it out in public, hang it on the church door for all to see, and make damn sure that no one forgets to fix this in the next version.

Second, I’ve dug through all this stuff because I love to, and you may or may not share that passion, but if you don’t, well, you shouldn’t have to. I’ll tell you what I’ve found so you can steer clear and don’t fall into the same pits I’ve been in.

Does this make me a bad person? I don’t care. If it saves you from work and improves SharePoint I’ll take the fall. I may be banned from the city of Redmond, but if the end result is that SharePoint gets better and I can do my job easier, heck, I’ll take banning from the entire state of Washington.

So yes, I love SharePoint. I think if it as tough love.


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