Who Should Get SharePoint Training at USPJ Academy?

I got an email a couple of days ago asking a question related to who should attend USPJ Academy. Specifically the question revolved around whether there will be courses or content targeted at teaching people to use SharePoint.

USPJ Academy does not target end users. Mark Miller and his team at EndUserSharePoint.com already covers that area with his excellent blogs, content, and live online workshops. To be honest, I find it extremely difficult to teach people in general how to work on what is presumably a specific solution. High praise to Mark & co for their efforts.

The SharePoint training in USPJ Academy, however, targets SharePoint professionals. How do you know if you’re a SharePoint professional? Well, if you have or want ‘SharePoint’ as part of your job title (SharePoint developer, SharePoint administrator, SharePoint analyst, or derivates thereof) the you can consider yourself as the target demographic for USPJ Academy.

What that means is that we will not teach you how to use SharePoint once it’s already there. We’ll teach you when and how to get SharePoint there and how to make sure it works as you expect. You’ll learn to build SharePoint solutions, operate and maintain a SharePoint environment, and when to use, or equally important, when not to use, SharePoint to solve various problems and scenarios.

I hope this clarifies things.


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