WhiteBoard open-source application released

WhiteBoard open-source application released…

Yeah, so, I develop some open-source software. At least I publish it using the Microsoft license-thingy…

Heres the deal. A friend found, and experimented with, Johnny Lee’s very nice Wiimote hack that allows you to use an IR pen to interact with a projected image of your PC. Google it if you haven’t seen it, it is really, really cool, and of course, very geeky.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to be able to actually write on that screen? Illustrate stuff? Well, some years ago I wrote a benign virus for a customer who needed to wake up on how bad antivirus software actually is. The virus basically took over the screen and made an annoying ‘boing’ sound whenever you clicked on the screen. You could not see the virus application overlay since it had an opacity of 1%.

Taking this a step further, I wrote a new application last night that uses the overlay feature of the virus (really simple in .net) and some simple drawing features to make a whiteboard application. You can use five different colors (four colors plus white for erase), different sizes and change the opacity from opaque to transparent in steps of 10%.

It is published on CodePlex, at http://www.codeplex.com/WhiteBoard/

Feel free to use as you see fit, of course as long as you follow the evil license of Microsoft. Muhaha.

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2 thoughts on “WhiteBoard open-source application released”

  1. Aaah… virusses with no threads at all.
    I miss the days that virusses just did something stupid, without damaging the system or steal stuff, like display a message which says OOPS!
    (I actually had that)

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