Web-scoped Content Type and Field Features in SharePoint 2010

One thing I discovered while I was dissecting one of these fancy new .WSP site templates was that the content type feature exported had web scope, rather than the mandatory site scope of SharePoint 2007.

Of course, since content types still need to reference only existing columns, this means that the fields or columns required by the content types also need to be web scoped. And lo and behold the exported feature.xml file from a WSP site template:

         Title="Fields feature of exported site "SP2010 TS Lab""
         Scope="Web" <—Look at this!

Now before you go out and celebrate with a fitting bottle of good champagne, let me pour some cold water into your bloodstream. If you think you can simply reuse the columns feature, take a look at the final few lines of the elements file of that feature.


Yeah, that’s right. From a basic team site, no customization to talk about, you get a 3557 line long elements.xml, just for the columns.

Seems there will still be a need for people who know how to hand-craft these files, even in 2010 🙂


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