We Want Woody!

You may know Woody Windischman, or @WoodyWindy on twitter, as an avid blogger, SharePoint Designer guru, and author of the best SharePoint Designer book ever. If so, you may also know that he has gone MIA on twitter.

Seems that, somehow, his twitter-account was misused and twitter decided to close the account. Woody wrote about it on his blog a couple of days ago, but he still isn’t back.

So, to make the Twitter people speed up their reinstatement process, I want to launch a campaign, called We Want Woody! I want every website in the world to join me in this, and we’ll see how it goes.

In order to participate in this campaign, simply append the campaign abbreviation to the front of your website addresses. For example, if your domain name is cnn.com, append WWW in front of the domain to make the whole address like www.cnn.com and make the statement that We Want Woody!.

Talk to your DNS people to make this happen.

Let’s all join together and make sure that the whole world knows that We Want Woody.

Update: If you find any websites that have joined the campaign by adding www to the front of their domain names, leave a comment so we know the progress of the campaign.

Oh, and feel free to tweet this also, to make the whole world know to add www to the front of their domain names. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the campaign, but be on the lookup for websites with the www in front of the domain name.


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2 thoughts on “We Want Woody!”

  1. Thanks for the support! It is getting a bit frustrating – they've actually closed my help ticket as "resolved" twice now, without any feedback or actual apparent action.

    – Woody –

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