Visual Studio 2012 – It’s Named

A few weeks back, I wrote a speculative post about the release date of Office 15 and SharePoint 15. In it, I referred to an Austrian SharePoint conference that used the name Visual Studio 2012.

In a comment, the organizers said something along the lines of the name being a mistake, but it now seems that, mistake at the time or not, Microsoft has now decided on the name.

While searching for something on MSDN, I found an article written for Visual Studio 2003, and although I don’t necessarily rush to adopt the latest and greatest tools, in this case, I needed something more recent. So, when selecting which version to view, I found the below screenshot, clearly stating that the name for the next version of Visual Studio, currently codenamed Visual Studio 11, is indeed Visual Studio 2012.


According to Google cache on May 20, it was still called Visual Studio 11 at the time, so change is fairly recent. Maybe this in preparation for official news in early June, although I haven’t heard anything related to this.


Now, all we need to do is wait to see what the official name for Office 15 and SharePoint 15 will be, and I’ll be happy as a fiddle in heat.


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