View Multiple Calendars in SharePoint 2010

The following is an excerpt, slightly modified, from issue 2 of the Introducing SharePoint 2010 subscription series of USP Journal.

SharePoint 2010 Calendar

The new SharePoint 2010 calendar has a couple of very nice new features. Click the Calendar link in your Team Site to enter the default view of the Calendar list and then click the Calendar tab in the Ribbon. You will see, among other useful tools, the Calendars Overlay button, shown below.

Calendars Overlay

This button allows you to see events from multiple calendars in a single view, and immense improvement over the previous version of SharePoint. The overlay works across all sites in a site collection and even across different site collections.

Creating a Calendar Overlay

To test this feature, create a new sub site under the current site (hint: it’s available from the Site Actions menu). This will spawn the new Create dialog box, which I personally will need a bit of time before I like.

Once you have created your new site, add a few entries in the Calendar list of the new site and then return to the top site (hint again: you need to use the breadcrumb menu to navigate to the top site if you chose the default options when creating a new site).

Then, re-enter the Calendar list of the top Team Site and click the Calendars Overlay, found on the Calendar tab. Click the Add Calendar link, bringing up the Customize Calendar page shown below.

Customize SharePoint Calendar

Enter the URL of the web site you just created and then select the new Calendar list and the default Calendar view.

Notice that you can also link to Exchange calendars using the Calendars Overlay function.

When you hit OK, SharePoint returns you to the Calendar list and shows the sub site events in your top site calendar.

Overlaid Calendars

Neat, eh? No more third party add-ons to aggregate calendars, and remember, this overlaying can span site collections as well.

I want to show you one more really nice thing about the new Calendar. If you hover your mouse pointer over the date in a calendar view, you will get an Add link, as shown here.

SharePoint Calendar Time Saver

What makes this even cooler is that you can click and drag to select multiple days at once, and using the Add link you can then add an event spanning multiple days, as shown here.
Adding an Event over Multiple Days

These features are really useful and saves you from writing custom solutions or using third party add-ons.

If you want to learn even more tips and tricks, you can pick up an Introducing SharePoint 2010 issue at


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15 thoughts on “View Multiple Calendars in SharePoint 2010”

    1. I would like to know the answer to this as well… can you exceed the limite via the designer or something. I need 15! I tried Bamboo Calendard Plus web part in conjunction with their rollup schema and it was a nightmare from a performance standpoint. Loading a page with 15 rollups caused a 5 second delay loading page and server running at 60% utilization for a 2 processor with 8GB of ram… no slouch server. Just ridiculous. So if we can get the overlays past 10 then I would LOVE it.

      Otherwise I need a calendar at the parent site that has everything and breaks it down by category and then display that parent calendar on the sub-sites and have it filtered by the appropriate category.

      Either way this should be a doable situation.

    1. I would need more than 10. 🙂
      I have 24 assets that could show up on any one day. (Worst case scenario)

  1. Hello !
    Is there possible to add several exchange accounts in the same view. I have found several articles about multiple exchange accounts i sharepoint 2010 but not been able to do so

    can you please help ?

    1. I am trying to use my calendar on an exchange server and display it on the sharepoint calendar

      sharepoint gives : The remote server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request. (4618e255-9b2c-4f5e-9ded-3f1cdc1f1dbe)

  2. I am trying to do this exact process to assist my users on a 2007 farm. Does anyone know of a way to get MOSS 2007 calendar view to act like 2010 calendars with the overlay functionality?

  3. This is a great feature, however when I add in the URL for the site I just created, I always get an error message saying it’s unable to find specified web in the given URL. Is this a bug?

  4. For those of you getting the error when trying to use this feature, in the URL you enter, cut off everything from /lists and after.



    I am also Interested in using more than 10 Calendars in Overlay. I have tried nesting them (putting 10 on one and then overlaying that with another) but this does not work. Is there any way to do it without a 3rd party solution?

  5. Hi, i´m kind of new in SPD. and i don´t speak english as native language so i´m gonna try to explain myself (be patient please)

    I have a Site in SP 2010, and I have a Calendar List in the MPage, i want to add events to that calendar, and then email people or groups that they have an activity…

    ok, i did a WorkFlow to do this, it works, but i wanna know two things:

    1.- how could i make this WorkFlow work for repeatitive events?
    2.- how can i modify the columns order in the New Event View? could i do this without code or programming?

    ….this is my WorkFlow:
    If Alert – 1 day is greater than Today
    Pause until Calendar:Alert – 1 day
    then Set Variable: Recipients to Calendar:Reminder Recipients
    then Email Variable: Recipients

  6. @ Anonymous

    No one needs more than ten?!?!

    I certainly do, i have multiple projects separated into sites by country.

    i need to have all the european calander entries showing on one main calendar for management… they are not going to click through 20 odd pages.. but as some people only have access to the country they are working in i can’t get them to use the main calendar.

    so frustrating

  7. Hi,

    Does anyone know how use the overlay calendar feature in SP but display the results in a list rather than a month/week/day calendar view?



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