USPJA Early Access Program Closes November 1 – Last Chance to Get In!

USPJ Academy launched on May 17 with what we have called the early access program. This program was designed to give us experience with running a professional academy and give students a chance to sample the great training that we provide at the academy.

The early access program is now closing, however, and on November 1, 2010, the applications close for new students. This is your last chance to get in before the tuition increases, and your last chance to get in this year at all.

Early access students get the full academy experience including:

  • Collaborative and self-paced training for developers, administrators, and business users
  • Full USPJA library, containing hundreds of books, videos, webcasts, articles, and other training material
  • Access to world class faculty, the best of their kind
  • Full use of USPJA Labs, a cloud based virtual machine solution (
  • Free and prioritized access to all presentations (
  • Campus forums, faculty blogs, and a range of features that will help you become a skilled SharePoint professional
  • Early access students keep their reduced tuition for as long as they remain students, even after the tuition increase!

After November 1, we close applications to the academy until the full launch. When we reopen in January, the tuition will increase to $497.00 per month.

The early access tuition is $197 per month, a $300.00 reduction from the full tuition, without any downsides.

Apply now to get the best SharePoint training in the world (that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it!)


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