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OK, I’m a lazy bastard when it comes to posting stuff on this blog these days. Seems that every time I sit down to write something profound, something else comes along and grabs my attention and time.

In any case, if you missed it, the USPJ Academy web site is now up (I’m not lazy on that part) so feel free to stop by if you have any SharePoint training needs.

Speaking of USPJA, I have a couple of cool announcements coming shortly. First, the date when we start accepting applications is coming up. Second, there’s some new information about courses and which classes will be available on launch. Also (I think) a new faculty member. Two actually.

A few days ago, someone asked me what USPJA could provide, and during my explanation, I mentioned that we’ll have two bachelor degrees in SharePoint. The room went quiet. Yeah, it’s that complex.

Speaking of complexity, I’m going to write a post on why SharePoint development is so damn hard. I’ve had a few comments recently with people complaining that SharePoint development is too hard and that you cannot do in SharePoint the same things you can do in .NET. to sum up that post briefly; yeah, it’s complex and no, it’s not .NET development so why would you want to compare the two?

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