USPJ Academy Early Access Program

Well, if you haven’t heard, we opened up for applications for the early access program at USPJ Academy last night. The response was massive. Within a few hours, more than 100 students had clicked to start their application. Not all completed, however, so I have some cleaning to do to delete the incomplete applications to make room for a few more students.

We’re only accepting 100 students into the early access program, though, so time’s running out quickly.

Here’s the brief description of the early access program I posted last night on the USPJA web pages:

The early access program is also priced lower than the regular tuition. Normally, the monthly tuition is $497, but if you are participating in the early access program you pay only $197. You also lock into that price for the remainder of your studies at USPJA. You can cancel at any time, but you need to re-apply in order to get in again if you so wish.

Students still get the full USPJ Academy experience in the early access program, however, despite the lower price. This includes:

  • Unlimited self-paced courses
  • Up to three concurrent collaborative classes, facilitated by SharePoint industry experts
  • Access to virtual labs as much as you want
  • Library with SharePoint books, articles, lectures, videos, and more
  • Faculty blog containing exclusive and rapidly updated information
  • Superstar lectures where we invite the best SharePoint people to speak
  • Campus forums to share or learn from other students and faculty members

If you’re thinking about applying, I recommend that you make up your mind, because any remaining spots will be gone within a day or two.

Apply here


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2 thoughts on “USPJ Academy Early Access Program”

  1. Hi Allen,

    I don't have the numbers right now. I removed some invalid surveys this weekend so try the link to see if it allows you to start a new application. If so, there are still spots available 🙂


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