USP Journal issue 3 is finally done!

So, I just spent the better part of 24 hours straight preparing for the launch of Understanding SharePoint Journal issue 3. Why so long? I’ll let you know in a moment.

USPJ issue 3 teaches custom field type development in SharePoint, and does so by explaining a new solution I put up on CodePlex today, called SPTags. In addition I’ll introduce you to web part development and show you how to set up a custom page in a SharePoint site.

The SPTags solution is a content tagging solution for SharePoint. Basically, you tag content using a set of keywords defined in a SharePoint list. You then display the tags used in a tag cloud, and the most frequently used tags are displayed larger than less frequently user tags.

Figure 2

In case you haven’t heard, Understanding SharePoint Journal now features video as well. Yeah, that’s right, if you don’t like reading too much you can now watch instead, and I’ll explain everything to you. That’s why it took 24 hours, I had to record 14 videos to demonstrate and do walkthroughs of the solution creation. And I really just decided to do the video stuff on last Thursday, so everything had to be done this weekend.

You can purchase the issue for $14.95, and all 14 videos come as a bonus, no extra charge. How’s that for a deal?


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