Using WSPBuilder for SharePoint 2010 Development

I’m a huge, huge fan of Carsten Keutmann, the K-man and the author of WSPBuilder and SharePoint Manager 2007. That guy has saved me so much time that I have no idea how to repay him, except offer him whatever amount of free beer I can if he ever stops by Oslo.
Now, you all know that there are some great new tools coming for SharePoint 2010, including the fabulous Visual Studio 2010. I’m not convinced, and I damned well wont change my way of working, just because Microsoft again promises to create a great authoring experience. No thank you, I’ll stick to Visual Studio 2008 and I’ll continue to use WSPBuilder until the day I’m certain that the K-man wont be better than Microsoft at creating development tools for SharePoint.
However, I’m developing for SharePoint 2010 now, and because of Microsoft missing the SPC09 deadline for releasing SharePoint 2010, Carsten hasn’t released any WSPBuilder for 2010. Is that a problem? Yeah, but it’s one easily solved.
The only thing you need to do, in fact, is to replace the reference to the version of Microsoft.SharePoint.dll with the new version and you can use the current version of WSPBuilder for your SharePoint 2010 projects. You do not even need to rename the 12-folder in the Visual Studio project; WSPBuilder will use the contents of the 12-folder, not the 12-folder itself, as the basis for building a WSP.
The second thing you may want to do is to load the SharePoint 2010 wss.xsd schema reference in your project to get IntelliSense support for your CAML files.
This screenshot is taken from one of those fancy new WSP site templates. All I did was to crack open the WSP and move all the features from the CAB into a straight-forward WSPBuilder project. Then, I’ve added a new WSPBuilder item and attached the new wss.xsd as the schema.
And yes, I’ve tried this. And yes, it works like a charm.

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