Upgrading Solutions in SharePoint 2010 – Visual Studio Projects

Jeffrey Langdon asked me on Twitter the other day about how good the backwards compatibility was in SharePoint 2010. Actually, my boss also asked about 5 minutes after Jeffrey. In any case, I thought I’d comment on it.

Despite the new version of SharePoint containing tons of new functionality, most projects will upgrade as easily as replacing the reference to the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll. This will make upgrading extremely easy, but even more important, it makes it feasible to start developing for your upcoming SharePoint 2010 projects now and simply upgrade the solution once the RTM hits the shelves.

In fact, to demonstrate this and also show off the K-man’s genius (that’s Carsten Keutmann, if you don’t know), let me show you a screenshot that took about 10 minutes to create.


As you can see, this is, sort of, SharePoint Manager 2010. All I did was replace the DLL reference and then update one property in the code.

I am so happy. Thank you Carsten. Thank you a whole lot…


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4 thoughts on “Upgrading Solutions in SharePoint 2010 – Visual Studio Projects”

  1. So I guess there appears to be some confusion, no surprise here. Here are a couple of links that speak to no backward compatibility In Visual Studio 201 and that you would have to maintain your SharePoint 2007 customizations with Visual Studio 2005/8.



    In regard to the 2010 object model: “some namespaces, classes, and methods are now obsolete, but they are still available and will continue to work as expected in your custom code”.

    In regard to deprecated code, “The compiler warnings will tell you which elements of the object model are obsolete, and which newer alternatives you should use. Figure 2 shows an example compiler warning and the corresponding mouse-over warning in Visual Studio 2010”.

    This MSDN article details compatibiilty. Quotes above taken from article (not sure why I couldn’t find it before): http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee662217(office.14).aspx

    This wouldn’t be the first time there was misinformation.

    Thanks for looking into this.

    Jeffrey Langdon
    SharePoint Developer/Admin
    Mathematica Policy Research

  2. Jeffrey,

    What you are talking about relates only to the SP2010 tools in Visual Studio 2010. The Visual Studio 2010 tools will not work with SP2007.

    Really, that's a limitation of the SP tools for VS2010, though, not of Visual Studio 2010 or SharePoint.

    You can easily develop solutions in VS2010 without using the tools, and SP2007 will happily use the WSPs.

    Of course, SP2007 wont be able to use the SP2010 features.


    1. I have migrated moss 2007 code in SharePoint 2010 (VS2005 to vs 2010). But package folder is not in migrated Project. So, i am not able to create WSP. Can you please help on this. how i can create a package as normal Sharepoint 2010 Project.

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