Update on new blogging platform

Thought I’d post a bit of update regarding the platforms I am evaluating for my new blogging platform.

I was recommended WordPress as a platform, and I am most definitely looking at that. A friend was most generous in letting me play with his installation and I found all of the features I require.

I am now going to set up a blog at a hosting provider. The hosted wordpress.com alternative does not work for me as I do want to have complete control over my blog, including the ability to add ads which wordpress.com forbids. Not only that but they also sometimes places their own ads on your site and if someone is making a buck off my content it should be me.

One feature I liked in particular was the ability to import Blogger content. Obviously I have not tested it, or my friend might have been very cross at me, but I assume it works at least enough for me to resolve any issues myself.

It is still time to submit other recommendations, however, for a grand prize of a $25 gift certificate at eBay, but I already have three options plus continued use of Blogger to consider.

Oh, and very important. If you are the first to submit a recommendation for a platform, send me an email at furuknap<[at]>gmail.com with your correct email so that I can send you the gift card if I end up with your solution. That also includes you, Popsicle.

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