Top 10 Reasons why Bill Clinton is Speaking at #SPC14

You may have heard that President Clinton will be the keynote speaker at #SPC14 in March. You may not know the real reasons why, though.

As such, I now present to you, in true Letterman style, the top 10 reasons why Bill Clinton is speaking at the SharePoint Conference.

  1. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! (Unless, you know, someone has a camera)
  2. He thought it said “share joint conference” and was even prepared to inhale.
  3. Female attire in Vegas is usually too skimpy to leave much in the way of stains.
  4. Because he would probably be more useful as a SharePoint consultant than he’s been as the president.
  5. He wants to deny responsibility for hiring Edward Snowden: “I didn’t not have professional relations with that… man Snowden”.
  6. He’s still confused by Hillary’s calendar and really needs to learn how to sync his Outlook with her schedule.
  7. SharePoint just pays better than being the ruler of the free world.
  8. Erica Toelle’s parties are just that good.
  9. It just wouldn’t be a SharePoint moment if there wasn’t some overpaid professional that didn’t know what he was talking about.
  10. He heard SharePoint sucks, but that we won’t be impeached for it.


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