The Inevitable Question has been Asked: Why I’m not using SharePoint for my sites

So, someone finally asked me, by email I might add:

“You are a SharePoint developer, why are you not using SharePoint for your sites?”

I run a few sites on the internet, notably a set of services under the Understanding SharePoint umbrella, such as the blog for my new SharePoint developer book, the Just Ask website (which I promise to update more often), the new Understanding SharePoint Journal, as well as a few other sites which will be available soon. I will also be moving my blog to the Understanding SharePoint domain shortly, as soon as time permits.

All of these sites run on WordPress on Linux. No .NET backend. In fact, the only thing I run off something that is not purely Linux is my advertising system, which runs on a Windows server.

Nothing to be proud of? Perhaps, but there is a very simple explanation. I know a few things about what moves on the SharePoint scene. I know very little about what goes on in the WordPress scene. When I compare the two I see that I am a lot more impress with what the WordPress crowd has been able to put together.

True, I could probably write a lot of the same functionality on SharePoint. However, rather than spending 6 months doing so I’d rather spend that time working, writing, and learning SharePoint. I could perhaps also write Windows Vista from scratch but there really is no point when someone has done all the heavy lifting and is willing to share that work for a few bucks.

So, I fall back on my pragmatic excuse: I don’t care about platforms as long as I get my work done. WordPress is able to solve my problems and SharePoint is not. It is that simple. I don’t see the point in eating my own dog food. I prefer a risotto, perhaps with some lightly cooked asparagus. No dog food, not my own, or anybody else’s.


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