Thank You, Jeff Teper. You May Have Saved SharePoint

In recent months, I’ve been amazingly surprised about the attitude of certain people in Redmond. Chief, literally, among these are Jeff Teper, the father and still ultimate master of anything SharePoint at Microsoft.

I know, I know, it’s not as exciting when I’m not bashing anyone for ridiculous policies or legal mumbo-jumbo, but when credit it due, it should be paid in full.

Jeff Teper just announced during his keynote at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas that there will be a new version of SharePoint for on-premises (codename Office 16) ready in 2015.

That’s the news. Take a break now, pop the champagne, and drink a toast to the man who may have completely turned around my previous highly critical thoughts on Microsoft’s secrecy policy.

Let me now dish out some well-deserved praise for a change.

Jeff, I know you’ll read this, so I’ll make this personally to you: Have my unconditional and almost unlimited thanks! I find myself repeating my admiration of what you’re doing, for being an awesome person who clearly listens to feedback from the community, and for someone who actually does something rather than just talk. You probably know I don’t give out praise lightly, so you have really earned what praise you’re getting from me.

OK, to pour a bit of old water into this, let me just say that I’m not expecting any miracles yet. There’s still a lot of secrecy that may ruin the great impression. We still don’t know too much about new features except lofty marketing words and phrases, at least not publicly. Maybe there still will be a need for someone to do a SharePoint 2015/2016 secrets type investigation and publication.

However, unlike what I’ve seen and experienced in the past, Jeff has started off what may be a great new trend: Being open with the community, regardless of silly three-letter political titles or personal connections. Perhaps this is the time when there will be no need for battles of information between haves and have-nots in the ramp up to the first public beta.

And no, I’m not high on anything. If you remember, Jeff was the guy who confirmed that there would be new versions of SharePoint on-premises in a public comment to one of my questions on Yammer just a few months ago, before or at least time as any MVPs were informed directly.

So, keep it up, Jeff. You’re slowly but surely winning back at least this skeptic of Microsoft’s public information policy and attitude towards the SharePoint community. If I were at SPC, I’d pat you on your back and shake your hand.

Well done!


PS: Oh, one more thing, Jeff… You know, of course, that you’re putting the bar extremely high now for getting further praise, right? I’ll have a few suggestions for you, so stay tuned.

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