Free USPJ Academy Webinar Monday June 28 – Gathering User Requirements for SharePoint

OK, so the cat’s out of the bag. The first USPJ Academy open lecture will be free and open to all. Initially, we intended to keep this event a bit low-key and limited to students only, but we’re so confident in the platform now that we’ve decided to just jump in.

Another insanely cool thing: We’ve also decided to make this first event free for all. That’s right, the normal price for these open lectures is $97, but this first time, you can attend without paying a single cent. Or penny. Or whatever currency is really small where you live.

The first time is always free, right?

Regardless, the topic for this first lecture is user requirements in SharePoint, and the lecture is held by the SharePoint project management guru Dux Raymond Sy. If you don’t know who Dux is, you’ve either been sleeping a lot lately or you’re not on twitter, but in either case, Dux is known in the community as a brilliant speaker and an absolute mastermind of project management.

The session, for which you can register now, happens on Monday June 28 at 1800 CEST, so you’re short on time if you want to get in. We have a limited number of seats available, and it’s been filling up very fast today.

Don’t just sit there, get over there and sign up!


PS: The sign-up page has more info on the topic and the session abstract. 

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Why Attend USPJA by Marc Anderson

Faculty member Marc Anderson just posted an excellent post on why attending USPJ Academy for your SharePoint training makes sense. I’d like to second his thoughts, and also add a few additional comments.

As Marc points out, context is vitally important, as is the academic community whether that’s students or faculty members.

What may be even more important than these factors, however, is speed. All of the content authors and faculty members are battle-hardened veterans in the SharePoint field. We’re not working as trainers, we work in the field, gaining valuable experience every day. We have been doing that for many years. Now, we’re bringing that experience to you.

Sure, you can figure out all of this on your own. The faculty is proof of that; most of us are self-trained, simply because, well, until now, there haven’t been any kind of formal training in SharePoint.

What that experience brings to you, as a student at USPJ Academy, is learning speed. We can tell you exactly what you need to learn, which sources are good and reliable, how to take what you learn and apply in real-life scenarios, simply because we’ve done that for years. We’ve fallen into the traps, we’ve made the mistakes, we’ve paid the price.

Chances are, if you read about a SharePoint topic online, one of the faculty members have experience applying that topic in a situation and can tell you what you need to know.

For a business, avoiding newbie mistakes means less time spent fixing problems and more time making money. Efficient learning also means that employees more rapidly get to a point where they produce more value.


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