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Free USPJ Academy Webinar Monday June 28 – Gathering User Requirements for SharePoint

OK, so the cat’s out of the bag. The first USPJ Academy open lecture will be free and open to all. Initially, we intended to keep this event a bit low-key and limited to students only, but we’re so confident in the platform now that we’ve decided to just jump in. Another insanely cool thing: […]

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Why Attend USPJA by Marc Anderson

Faculty member Marc Anderson just posted an excellent post on why attending USPJ Academy for your SharePoint training makes sense. I’d like to second his thoughts, and also add a few additional comments. As Marc points out, context is vitally important, as is the academic community whether that’s students or faculty members. What may be […]

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USPJ Academy Price Announced

The most frequently asked question, by far, is “what is USPJ Academy going to cost?” Well, here’s the answer: http://www.understandingsharepoint.com/training/price Sorry about the messed up alignment. I’m a coder, not a designer. .b

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