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SP SIN Store Public Alpha

A bit over a week ago, I released the first public alpha of the SP SIN Store extensions. For those of you living under a rock (or haven’t been interested so far) the SP SIN Store extensions creates and App store based on the SP SIN framework, working across all versions of SharePoint (2007 and […]

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SP SIN Store Revival

Hola Amigos! As you no doubt know, I’ve written a framework called SP SIN which allows you to inject stuff into your SharePoint pages without touching the master pages or giving users access to SharePoint Designer. And a ton of other cool stuff. For example, SP SIN is extremely extensible, allowing you to customize virtually […]

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Are You a Sinner?

A few months back, I created a framework called SP SIN, which allows you to inject code like JavaScript or CSS into any SharePoint page without modifying the master pages. The SIN part of the name stands for Script/Style INjector. Modifying master pages may seem like a trivial task, but there are many and inherently […]

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