A Brief Rant: You Still Suck!

Look, I wrote one of the highest ranked article series on why SharePoint sucks. You may not know the first thing about me or what I think, so let me start out by saying that I do know a thing or two about why SharePoint sucks.

And it does suck; big time. Except not in the way most people think.

I got a comment today from someone pointing me to an age-old StackOverflow article with all the wonderful caveats and complaints in SharePoint as evidence of how bad SharePoint really is.

Like I’ve done a few times before, I went through the list to see what are real SharePoint issues and what are ignorant stupidity on the behalf of the poster. And the SO article and by that I actually mean the comments to the question, is absolutely right about a couple of things. Well, maybe three, if you count inconveniences. From a list of probably a hundred things, that’s not just missing the mark, it’s shooting at the wrong range. In the wrong country.

I find it particularly interesting when one of the comments talks about leading one of the largest SharePoint WCM deployments in the world. Without managing to spell SharePoint correctly. And using it for WCM. *sigh*

I also find a comment from an apparent die-hard developer funny; apparently using try/catch to ensure your code flows without blowing up is… bad. If you have no developer background, feel free to ask around, but all of the items on that list are non-issues for any reasonably experienced developer and with a bit of actual research would be well understood, and about as natural to a reasonably skilled SharePoint third-tier developer as farting after pea soup.

No, you still suck. You’re still an idiot, and no, it’s not going to improve by yelling at your hammer.


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A Brief Rant: SharePoint Doesn’t Suck – You Suck!

A common pattern in a lot of frustration with IT systems is the users’ inability to grasp that not all systems were designed by them and how they would like a system to work. In other words, when something doesn’t work they way they would like it to work, they blame the system rather than learning how the system works.

“I can’t get Word to X to Y, Word must suck!”


“I can’t get Firefox to do Z, Firefox must suck!”

The reality, however, is that the “I can’t” to them translates to “Someone else should have done this the way I wanted them to do it” and “It’s certainly not my fault I lack the knowledge about this system, after all, I browsed a lot of web pages, just like I want learning this system to work, and I still haven’t got the foggiest about squat, so now the training system is at fault too!

Then, when someone tells them that they may want to reevaluate their stand because this is a fairly trivial problem to solve, that someone now become the idiot because they suck up to Microsoft, scam people, or have no clue what they are talking about.

At no point during this entire tirade does the original user for a second contemplate that their decades of experience in doing things a certain way may not always work, and that they cannot expect to apply 1:1 the knowledge they already have. Either the system sucks, the training sucks, or the people that understand suck.

Never them.

tl;dr: PEBKAC


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