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Going Freelance Once Again

I mentioned last fall that I had taken the big plunge and taken on a full-time position at ErgoGroup in Norway. I have now quit that job, and to avoid speculation, I’d like to explain at least the outline of the reason. First of all, the SharePoint team, including the bosses of the SharePoint and […]

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My Father-in-Law is a Superhero!

This has absolutely nothing to do with SharePoint, but I’d like to mention it anyway: My father-in-law is a superhero. Here’s the story. Before you move on, however, know that there is some pretty graphic descriptions here, so if you have a weak stomach, or even a strong stomach, you may want to skip to […]

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If You’re Wondering Why I Haven’t Blogged This Week…

There is so much new stuff in SharePoint 2010, and for someone who loves writing, staying quiet for that long with so much information to relay usually indicates that I’m dead. I’m not, at least not this time. The thing is, I have this VM rig set up at home. I built it in 2007, […]

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