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Do You Hate Me? If Not, You Should. Oh, And You Suck!

It has come to my attention that not everyone in the world finds me lovable and agreeable. Some people have suggested I may be rude and insensitive. Heck, some people even hate me outright. Good. Please go on. Please hate me more. In fact, here’s something to spur your hate on: your mother has a […]

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Attention Aspiring SharePoint Bloggers: Shut Up!

Let me make this clear right from the start. If you are a SharePoint person looking to join the awesome SharePoint blogging community, chances are you’ll fall into every single pitfall there is. So, before you head over to WordPress.com and sign up for a new ‘Everything there is to know about SharePoint’ blog, shut […]

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New Blog Platform

I’ve moved! Well, I’m still here, but my blog has moved. Or, to be completely accurate, I have changed the host and platform of my blog, from Blogger to WordPress. What you are looking at now (if you’re reading this on the web) is the new blog. I took the opportunity to change a bit […]

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