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Why I Stick With Visual Studio 2008 for SharePoint 2010 Development

People seem surprised when I start up my development environment to to SharePoint 2010 development. The surprise comes from seeing the Visual Studio 2008 logo flashes before their eyes. “What you’re not using the latest and greatest? How come?” I’ll tell you why, and I’ve already given you a slight hint. “The Visual Studio log […]

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SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Video Bonanza

Although it’s been far too seldom, I haven’t stopped writing USP Journal issues. Actually, I’ve been writing on several issues over the last few months, but most of my time has gone into getting USPJ Academy up and running. The next issue, Volume 2, issue 2, on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows, is due out next […]

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Out-of-the-Box in SharePoint – Part 2

So, the pot got stirred last time I posted on this topic, and I’ve been promising an update to several people. Now that we got the final pieces of the USPJ Academy platform in place, I can get back to doing less critical stuff. Not that I don’t think blogging is important, it’s just that […]

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