SPTechCon Report: Pre-Event Meetings

I’m in San Francisco for the SharePoint Technology Conference, my favorite SharePoint conference among all.

I came to San Francisco on Sunday after a rather long flight for Dubai where I met with some very interesting people who will work on the USPJ Academy. The flight got delayed due to a nose-wheel problem, but it gave me a lot more time to think and learn. Monday was uneventful; say what you want about SPTechCon, it it’s not exactly located in the center of otherwise exciting SF.

Yesterday, which was Tuesday, people started arriving and I met with some great people I’ve only spoken to over the phone or Twitter earlier. I even got to hang out with Mike Fitzmaurice, one of my biggest heroes since I started in the SharePoint business. We hung out at the hotel bar with Mike’s wonderful and sweet wife and met up with several other nice people.

As you may or may not know, one important reason why I’m here this year is to meet Danny Chin, the winner of the testimonial competition I ran earlier this year. Danny won a free ticket, hotel stay, and personal training from me, and during the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking back and forth to ensure Danny gets the most out of his stay here.

I also met with Danny yesterday and we spent some time getting up to speed on his progress. Danny has definitely been doing his homework, reading up on multiple journal issues and asking a whole range of ‘right’ questions. That shows great promise; it’s easy to ask any question, but asking the questions that makes sense and gives you important information requires skill.

I’m also saddened to hear that at least two speakers have trouble getting to San Francisco due to the weather. Fabian Williams and Dux are stuck on the east coast of USA, hoping for better weather. If they are unable to get here, at least I hope they will be able to do remote presentations.

I also had to go to bed early last night, since I’m still slightly in a European time zone. That’s why I didn’t get to join in on all the fun at the Tweetup last night, but I promise to be there for SharePint at the Elephant bar around 8 pm.

Talk to you then if you’re there, and if not, you’re really missing out!


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