SPTechCon Report: Post-Event Thoughts and Thanks

I’ve made it safely and soundly back from SPTechCon in San Francisco and let me tell you right away: I had an absolutely great time.

The strength of the conference, as I’ve said many times before, is that it is large enough to attract some brilliant speakers but also small enough to maintain an atmosphere of intimacy. You get to spend time talking to people rather than running around and hoping to strike gold if you’re able, for a brief second, to make eye contact with Joel Oleson or Mark Miller.

I know that David, Ted, Kathy, and all the other people from BZ Media wants to have the biggest event possible, but frankly, big isn’t always beautiful. Keep the size that the conference is now and I think you’ll have happier and more loyal customers rather than a bunch of people who feel they’re losing out on something.

Oh, and of course, if you haven’t been to SPTechCon, you definitely should try it.

The bad thing this year was the location. Compared to last year, the hotel seemed like it had taken the blunt of the financial crisis. When you realize that all the restaurants are closed and your only option for getting lunch or dinner is a 15 minute walk from the hotel, well, it’s not really a good sign of the times. I hope that next year, the conference people finds a better location.

I would also like to say thanks to all the brilliant speakers who was there, and perhaps even an extra toast to Dux and Fabian who fought bravely to make an appearance despite the weather working against them. As Marc, I wont mention names (sorry Mark Miller, Joel Oleson, Mike Watson, Dux, Mike Fitz, Mark Rackley, Laura Rogers, and all the other people I met) because I’m bound to forget someone and they might take offence.

Well, honestly, it would only prove my bad memory; I don’t really care about offending anyone…

One person I want to mention specifically, though, is Danny Chin. Danny won the testimonial competition I ran this winter and got a free ticket to the conference, hotel stay, personal training and guidance, and, not least, got to personally meet some of the brightest minds of the SharePoint world and shake their hands. I know Danny appreciated meeting all of you and I’m certain that he came away from the conference knowing far more about SharePoint than he ever knew was possible.

The reason why I wanted to mention Danny in particular is because of his incredible stamina. He never got a break, we were either attending conferences, meeting people, or doing personal training at least 12 hours every day. I know how tiresome it can be to learn so much new stuff over many days, but Danny took it like a man, while maintaining his wonderful sense of humor and never complaining for a second about being tired or worn out.

Kudos to you, my friend!

I hope that you all have the chance to attend next year’s conference as I’ll definitely be back then. If you want to attend the conference in the meantime, there’s one in Boston this summer as well.


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