Spot the Dog launches SharePoint tip-of-the-day

A few days ago I had an idea. I stumbled across Sara Ford’s Visual Studio tip-of-the-day site, and thought that the SharePoint community might benefit from the same. I asked Twitter and the response was quite impressively in favor.

I hadn’t realized how much work it would be, though, or the level of commitment. So, I asked my sister’s dalmatian Spot the Dog to do the tips for me. Luckily, he accepted.

So, today marks the launch of Spot D’s SharePoint of the Day site where my favorite nephew will publish one SharePoint tip every weekday.

Spot is a real dog for SharePoint. I can spend hours talking to him about the intricate details of storing properties in custom field types, and he will patiently listen, only getting up to bark at the occasional non-existent cat every once in a while.

Please, check out his new SharePoint of the Day site, and if you have comments you can reach him at spotd<[at]>, follow him on twitter at, or on his feed at

I hope you will enjoy this new service 🙂


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