Speaking at SPTechCon: Why is SharePoint Development So Damn Hard?

I’ll be speaking at SPTechCon in June (June 3rd, at way too early in the morning, aka 8:15 AM). Now you know, so you have yet another reason to attend, or stay away, depending on your attitude 🙂

What is probably going to be a bit more interesting is the topic, and I’d like to prepare everyone for what you’ll learn if you decide to join me there. And, after all, you’ll only miss Joel Oleson ranting about upgrading to SP2010, and who cares about that or even him, right? We’re developers! We build stuff, not make it stick around forever.

No, let me clarify this, because the session is tagged as Intermediate Developers, although I’m not certain that would be entirely accurate.

If you join me, you’ll learn why you are so absolutely brilliant, provided you are a SharePoint developer of course. That applies to all level of developers.

If you are not a SharePoint developer, for example if you are a business user or a manager of development teams, I’ll tell you how amazingly good your people are and thus how great you must be to be able to keep those people in your team.

Oh, and if you are an aspiring developer, I’ll tell you how you are certifiably mad to even consider embarking on such a journey.

You’ll learn about some of the misconceptions about SharePoint development, about the various tiers of SharePoint development (including why many SharePoint developers don’t even know they are developers), and about the sometimes insane amount of different technologies that SharePoint developers need to master.

Oh, and you’ll learn about why a developer’s job is like shooting blindfolded at a moving target.

If you’re there, but can’t attend my sessions, for example if you think that Joel is just that cool and you need to be in his presence, then at least take the chance to say “Hi!” and let me know who you are. Who knows, perhaps I have a few swags for you?


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