#SP2013INFOWKND: I’m So Excited – And I’m Trying to Hide It (Office 2013)

Microsoft seems to continually try to hide the name of the next wave of products. However, some times, I’m just wondering whether they really want to leak it, because the attempts at hiding are rather pathetic.

We’ve seen live demonstrations that used the Office 2013 name, we’ve seen official documentation using the name, and apparently even in the Office 15 leak that was over a year ago, the name was used.

Of course, if Microsoft intends to release Office 2013 (oh, there’s that name again), in just a few days, there’s bound to be content available even on Microsoft.com on it already. Well, there is, and it isn’t that well hidden even.

I just found that Microsoft had updated their Privacy Statement, so I thought I should check out what the changes were. I didn’t find anything in clear text at first, but when I looked at the source code of the page, there it was, hidden with a simple CSS trick of display: none;


Of course, the trick to get the hidden text displayed is as easy as modifying the CSS using the Developer tools in IE (or similar in other browsers) and the name comes out, clear as day.

The link there, though, goes to a page that doesn’t mention 2013 at all, not even in the source.

Well, I thought you should know…


Note: This article is part of the SharePoint 2013 Information Weekend, so it is shorter than regular articles. Check back with my blog or follow me @furuknap during the weekend of July 13-15 2012 for lots of SharePoint 2013 information

Behind-the-scenes trivia: When I first started posting info on SharePoint 2013 back in September 2011 (here, here, and here), I was sternly warned by some community members that the name wasn’t going to be anything related to 2013.

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5 thoughts on “#SP2013INFOWKND: I’m So Excited – And I’m Trying to Hide It (Office 2013)”

  1. Wow, what a genius you are Furuknap (not). Do you really think people will think well of you for ‘discovering’ something so unimportant as a product name? The way you mislead folks into thinking you are a SharePoint expert simply by hinting that you know about new stuff before anyone else is really quite disgusting…

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