SP SIN Store Public Alpha

A bit over a week ago, I released the first public alpha of the SP SIN Store extensions.

For those of you living under a rock (or haven’t been interested so far) the SP SIN Store extensions creates and App store based on the SP SIN framework, working across all versions of SharePoint (2007 and 2010 tested so far).

The version released now is just a very early preview. It includes a single store, which is a static FTP server that I control for now, and with four packages only.

SP SIN Store supports different stores, though, unlike the built-in stuff in SP2013 for example (and obviously completely unlike anything in 2007 and 2010).

For example, I’ve been working on an organizational store repository that creates an SP SIN store in any site collection in a farm so that you can upload only the solutions you’d like to share in your farm, including any custom made solutions you’d like to distribute. Users with the appropriate permissions can then install solutions from that store only.

This custom store isn’t quite ready yet (it still requires manual setup, a setup that isn’t very user friendly). I’ve tested that it works, though, so the remaining work is to get it to automatically set up new repositories through Central Administration. Yes, this repository will support multiple stores throughout the site, configured on the web application level, so that you can expose a certain set of solutions to your front end web applications and a different set of solutions to your intranet or partner extranet, for example. I’ll try to get it done as soon as I return from a somewhat spontaneous and now extended vacation in the US.

Because SP SIN supports any custom repository, you, or anyone, could for example build a repository that gets solutions from Codeplex, from the Microsoft SP2013 App store, or from any web site that exposes the WSP or APP files for download. The sample store repository will show you how, and it’s really fairly simple.

Further, as mentioned, the SP SIN store will also support custom solution packages, although this is a future feature and may not be available at first release. In other words, in addition to farm WSPs, sandbox WSPs, and 2013 APPs, SP SIN store will also support .SIN packages, which is an entirely new format. In fact, there really isn’t anything preventing SP SIN for supporting completely custom package types either, so maybe someone would want to build their own solution types?

Anyway, here is the first alpha, as well as the future site for the more stable releases:



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