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OK, I’ve gotten a few comments and questions on how to get SharePoint Manager 2007 to work with SharePoint 2010 after I posted the screenshot of SPM and a SharePoint 2010 server in the post on Upgrading Solutions in SharePoint 2010 earlier today.


By the way, if you’re wondering about the List Templates node on the web above, that’s a feature that the K-man added to the source code but not to the built releases. You’ll get that feature as part of your new SharePoint Manager now, though.

Now, I’m guessing that Carsten Keutmann will release a new official version of SharePoint Manager any day now, but until then, you can follow this recipe to get your own version up and running.

To get this running you need Visual Studio, either 2005, 2008, or 2010. The free Express editions should work just fine. Even if you are a Visual Studio newbie, you only need to perform two simple tasks, so anyone should be able to get this up and running.

Next, you need the beta of SharePoint 2010, or more correctly, you need the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll file from that release.

Then, grab a hold of the latest source release of SharePoint Manager 2007. Just go to the source code download page and grab the Latest Version from the right. I’m using change set 25421 from June 10.

Open the downloaded source project by double-clicking on the .sln file and convert the solution to your current version of Visual Studio if required (The K-man is doing this in Visual Studio 2005), and open the references node in the project. You will see Microsoft.SharePoint listed. Right-click and select Remove, as shown below.


Next, right-click the References node and select Add Reference. On the Browse tab, navigate to the SharePoint 2010 version of the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll file and hit OK. That’s the first thing you need to do.

The second task is to replace a value in a code file, but again, this is dead simple. Open the Library folder in the project and then the SPMPaths.cs file, shown below.


In that file, navigate to the method called GetSharePointDirectory(). It should be on line 53. Then, update the key string and change the 12.0 to 14.0 at the end of that string, as shown below.


And now, hit Build->Build Solution from the menu, and behold, in your project folder should manifest a new version of SharePoint Manager, ready to be put to good use on your SharePoint 2010 server.

To use this on the server, you’ll need to copy the contents of the Debug folder onto your SharePoint 2010 server. The Debug folder will appear in the same folder from which you opened the .sln file, under the bin directory. Once you have copied the folder to your SharePoint 2010 server, simply start the SharePoint Manager 2007 application and start managing 🙂


Note: In case this is too much work for you and since SharePoint Manager 2007 is released under GPL, I’ve taken the liberty to upload my solution so you can download the entire shebang. Just run the application from the bin/debug folder and off go you. This download is under GPL. Please read the enclosed license.txt file.

That’s it. I’ll update this post when the K-man releases the new official version.

Update: Within a few hours of posting this, Carsten Keutmann told me that he has now published the official SharePoint Manager 2010 to, so rather than use this version you should get the official one from him 🙂


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