SharePoint is Like Sex – The Top 11 Reasons

Here’s why:

    1. You do it best with someone you trust and know intimately, but it can ruin a good friendship if the result is bad.
    2. The more experience you get, the better the result becomes.
    3. You can hire a professional do to it with you, but it’s usually very expensive and less than satisfactory.
    4. If you do it alone, you’re missing out on a huge part of the collaborative experience.
    5. The first time you do it, you want to go slow and don’t try anything too advanced. It’s a good idea to listen to or bring along someone with more experience.
    6. It’s often a bad idea to do it in public and should at least be done with extreme caution.
    7. It can be really exhausting, but if done right, the rewards can bring you just a bit closer to heaven.
    8. It’s not about getting it done quickly, it’s about getting the best end result. However…
    9. It’s not always about the end result, it’s quite often just as much about the process of getting there.
    10. You’re never ‘done’ even after you ‘deploy’ your ‘solution’ – it’s always going to be more of the same later.
    11. If it’s a pain in the ass, you’re doing something wrong.



Yeah, I know, many of these things apply outside SharePoint too, but hey, I’m a SharePoint guy, what can I say..?


PS: Feel free to suggest other reasons. Comment below 🙂

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