SharePoint Developers Versus Administrators – A Pledge

Somehow, there always seems to be a struggle between developers and administrators. When creating a new project, the developers focus on creating great new features that the administrators hate because developers never think about how the damn thing works in real life.

Developers are always the first on the field of battle. They need to clear out the rubble and sort out the requirements, often long before administrators are even aware that there is a battle coming. Then, when the fighting commences, the developers fight their own little wars, thinking nothing of he support and maintenance troops that will eventually have to take over whatever ensues after the fight is over.

OK, I’ve been watching too many war movies lately.

Now, I’m mostly a developer these days. Sure, I dabble in the odd server setup every now and then, but I have little or no experience from the battlefield (doh, there I go again) when it comes to running a SharePoint installation on a day-to-day basis.

However, I rarely end up in a conflict situation with administrators. Perhaps the reason is that I come from an administrator background and can share tips and tools that help the administrators’ lives become easier. Either that or it must be my irresistible charm and good looks. If you take a look at my profile picture, you’ll realize the irony in that.

For new projects, it takes time to get to know the administrators and to work out whatever differences we may have. Administrators, especially the more experienced one, are quite cautious when it comes to dealing with developers, often because they have spent more than one night awake trying the clean up our mess.

So, I’ve devised a pledge that I hereby make public and that I will honor to the best of my abilities. Feel free to use the same pledge towards your administrators. You’ll find that working with people is a lot easier than working against them.

My pledge to all administrators of any project that I will undertake

  1. I will not make your job any more difficult than I absolutely have to.
  2. I will document what I do and provide you with instructions on how to deploy, maintain, and live with the solutions I make.
  3. I will respect your expertise in operating a SharePoint environment.
  4. I will work within the limits you give me with regards to performance or capacity.
  5. I will thoroughly test my solutions to ensure that my solutions do not cause undue stress on you or the environment.
  6. I will answer, to the best of my abilities, any questions you have regarding the solution in a timely manner.
  7. I will not leave unresolved issues for you to fix.
  8. I will assist you, in case of problems, in any way I can to make your job easier.
  9. If I fail to honor these pledges, I will work as best as I can to mitigate any problems you have as a result of my errors.



Now, let’s smoke a peace pipe and sing kumbaya. Beer is on me.

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One thought on “SharePoint Developers Versus Administrators – A Pledge”

  1. As an administrator I would like to say: "Where have you been all my life?" 🙂 Now, if only most developers could implement half of your pledges, the world would definetly be a better place for both sides. I'll gladly set up your infrastructure any time 🙂

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