SharePoint Developer training – what do you think?

I have been working on an idea for a while. A colleague asked me a few months back if I did any professional training. He knew that I have been a teacher at a college level school teaching programming to aspiring students. At the time I did not have neither the time nor the motivation to do something like that. I was also unsure of how many people would actually be interested.

Yesterday I reconsidered the idea. What about making an online course for SharePoint developers? Taking regular .net developers and introducing them to the wonderful world of SharePoint development.

The idea would be to have an online course with different topics, each week comprising a recorded webcast, a written lesson, exercises, and other relevant material. The students would solve the exercises and their solutions would be submitted for review and evaluation by me. I would be online using IM and email to answer questions and help out, as well as evaluating all the submissions. There would also be a closed forum where students can exchange ideas and discuss solutions. A final exam, with a passing grade, would result in a diploma. And, hopefully, a massive pay raise for the students 🙂

The course would not have a set schedule. The lessons would be recorded and made available each week, starting from the day the student applies. That way you would not need to take time off work at specific times to get training, but would rather learn when it suits you.

Now, since this would actually take quite a bit of my time I would have to charge for it. The course would run for ten weeks with continuous feedback, solution evaluation, help, and other assistance. I estimate the student would spend 3-5 hours a week reading, solving exercises, and watching the lesson.

Before I pursue this idea further, I would like to ask your feedback on the idea. Some things I would like answered are:

– Do you think the idea is good or is it just not worth the time?

– What would you be willing to pay for such a course if you were convinced of its quality? $1000? $2000? $5000? Other amount?

– What topics would you most like to see in the course?

– Do you think such a course would increase your value as an employee and therefore your salary?

Edit: Added a new poll to make it simpler to give at least an indication of level of interest:

Thank you for your time.

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