SharePoint Designer Workflows: What are your concerns and questions?

The ink isn’t dry on USP Journal issue 3, but it is time to think ahead.

The next issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal will start a new series on business process management in SharePoint. Several topics will be covered, but first up is SharePoint Designer workflows.

I have a few good ideas for what I want to write, but I would also like to ask you what you think needs better coverage in the issue. So, my question is this:

What concerns, problems, or scenarios would you like to see covered in issue 4 of USP Journal?

Send your suggestions to furuknap<[at]> or comment here.

Make a good suggestion, and you’ll at least get a free issue 🙂


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Bjørn Furuknap

I previously did SharePoint. These days, I try new things to see where I can find the passion. If you have great ideas, cool projects, or is in general an awesome person, get in touch and we might find out together.

2 thoughts on “SharePoint Designer Workflows: What are your concerns and questions?”

  1. I’d like to have a way to trigger a workflow to run against an entire list. For example, if I was using a calendar to track a teams status during a day, reset all the records every night using an SD-developed workflow.


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