SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow Features: Loops

Oh no, it’s that time again. A new version of SharePoint is just so far away that rumors and leaks start appearing.

Obviously, the teams in Redmond want to keep lids on this as long as possible (or do they?), but the community wants to know, so here it is.

Looping has been on the request list since SharePoint Designer first came out. Weirdly enough, although competing products like Nintex Workflow has supported loops for the IT version of decades, Microsoft has only allowed you to create loops either in Visual Studio workflows, or by using hacks such as auto-starting new workflows on modified or created items.

The funny thing is that one of Microsoft’s likely reasons for avoiding loops is that loops are inherently dangerous. It is very easy to create endless loops that take down a server or kill all your data. Very easy. So, best to avoid the issue completely.

Of course, the need is still there, so the public then goes on to create the hacks that are inherently more unstable and dangerous.

Seems like the SharePoint product team will finally at least attempt to implement looping  in SharePoint Designer workflows for SharePoint 2013. Yup, there will now be a new action, like the workflow steps, called a Loop, and although it’s quite possible the have completely different intentions, the name at least suggests that there will be a loop functionality in SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows.

Of course, I can’t tell you my sources, so you’ll just take this with the massive amount of salt you should for every other rumor out there.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for information, and feel free to ask the team if you meet them during SPC 2011. In fact, I already know at least a couple of more bits of information and I’ll ‘leak’ that over the next days.


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3 thoughts on “SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow Features: Loops”

  1. Instead of a loop i rather would like to have a For Next option (walking through all items).

    So you could do

    IF ( (For Table.column.cell[ x to y] ) equals “xxxx”), true, false)

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