SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Video Bonanza

Although it’s been far too seldom, I haven’t stopped writing USP Journal issues. Actually, I’ve been writing on several issues over the last few months, but most of my time has gone into getting USPJ Academy up and running.

The next issue, Volume 2, issue 2, on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows, is due out next week (which would be September 20, 2010, if you’re reading this at a later time). I just got the copy-edited version back from Kim (my resident and highly skilled copy editor) and have begun the production of the final version.

The issue, I can tell you, will be massive, and I’m breaking all the previous records for amount of content. The issue itself is over 140 pages long, and I’m piling hours and hours of video content into the bonus downloads as well.

However, despite all the content that I’ve added, it’s clear that I haven’t been able to cover all the improvements of SharePoint Designer 2010. So, I’ve started to record and upload a number of shorter SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow videos to the USPJA YouTube Channel. These videos are shorter tips and tricks and stand on their own, without needing any special setup.

Here’s the first one, on creating documents as part of a workflow in SharePoint Designer:

I’ll be recording several more videos over the next couple of days, so you may want to subscribe to the channel at YouTube to get all the updates.

If you have specific requests that you’d like to see covered, feel free to drop me a line or post a comment, and although I’m not making any promises, I’ll see what I can do 🙂

All of the videos will be added to the bonus downloads for the journal issue, by the way.


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