SharePoint and Office 15 Beta Availability in June

The following are both excerpts from my SharePoint 2013 Beta journal series and completely new information.

Office 15 and SharePoint 15 Beta Availability

In the previous issue, I mentioned that I strongly suspect the beta version of SharePoint and Office 2013 to arrive in early June 2012. The background for this suspicion is a comment made by a TAP member on a LinkedIn group, stating that the NDA for SharePoint 15 would be lifted in June.


The comment from Danny, originally referenced in Issue 3 back in early March, states “everybody is on an NDA regarding SharePoint 15. It seem that by June we might be able to discuss.”

Update: Danny has asked me to post the following comments: “Currently, everybody who has been expose to the new version of SharePoint and Office are under NDA.  Even if most of people expect a Beta in June, we can always expect potential delays.

Of course, this could mean anything, but other factors now point towards that June NDA lifting.

Microsoft has two major events planned for June, the TechEd events in the US and Europe (US is June 11-14, and Europe is June 26-29). It makes sense that they would try to get a beta out by then. After these June events, due to the summer breaks, it will be a long time before Microsoft has a similar opportunity to show the beta version.

However, up until now, this has been pure speculation, and Microsoft has officially only said “this summer”, which can mean anything up to the end of August.

That changed recently when the program for an Austrian SharePoint conference came out. In that program, SharePoint and Office 15 are on the schedule, and sessions are delivered by Microsoft employees and MVPs. If the NDA isn’t lifted by the conference, it will be extremely difficult for them to say anything. A public conference on SharePoint 15 with no NDA content would be very quiet indeed.

The conference is scheduled for June 25-26, so that is clear evidence that Microsoft plans to have the beta of both SharePoint and Office 2013 available by then.

The conference, should you be interested in attending, has their web site on

This isn’t the only information we can gain from the conference site, though. I’m not a native German speaker so Google Translate will need to take the role of interpreter for now, but the program page reveals additional information on SharePoint 2013.

Visual Studio 2012 and SharePoint 2013

The conference site talks about Visual Studio 2012 as a product name, which is news in itself. The session at the conference will show off the new taxonomy editing features of Visual Studio 11, including list and content type editors.

Further, the program talks about improved JavaScript and an advanced Silverlight Web Part. Despite rumors of its imminent death, this may mean that Microsoft wants Silverlight to live on at least in SharePoint.

Next, we can learn about a new mocking framework that makes it easier to use unit testing in SharePoint development. This will certainly be of interest to companies like TypeMock, who now suddenly gets competition from the Redmond Giant.

We also can learn that SharePoint 2013 will be built on HTML5 and CSS3. Finally, the program talks about a Metro UI in SharePoint, but gives no further details. Recent possible screenshots aside, I still have not found reliable sources for SharePoint 2013 screenshots, and I’m highly doubtful of random images appearing with no known source.

If you’re looking for all the known information about SharePoint 2013, you may want to check out my SharePoint 2013 Beta series. It’s a series of smaller journal issues that with a release frequency of about four weeks give you updated information about news and findings from public sources of SharePoint 15/Office 15 information. It’s $14,95 for the entire series, including all back issues.


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  1. to clearify. The Microsoft SharePoint Conference Vienna happens every year. And this year is 2012. So no product names. Simply product xxx in 2012. Sorry for confusion.

    -Hannes Preishuber
    ceo of ppedv AG, organisator of SharePoint konferenz Vienna

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