SharePoint 2013 Information Weekend

This weekend, which is July 13-15 2012 if you are reading this at a later time, I’m going to run a SharePoint 2013 Information Weekend here on the blog. What does that mean?

Well, normally I don’t post blog posts during the weekend. Most of my readers read during the working hours, and I don’t want to add to their Monday morning catch-up any more than I have to.

However, I though I should test whether I could encourage readers to stick around if they knew there was information coming. That’s right, you’re hereby given the title of “Honorary Guinea Pig” for my little experiment.

Of course, there needs to be something special to get you out of your regular habits, and I’ve got a few things lined up.

  1. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I will post at least two articles each day with information on SharePoint 2013. Some of it will be known to subscribers of the SharePoint 2013 Beta series I ran this spring, some of it will be completely new.
  2. Throughout the weekend (starting now, actually), you get a 10% discount on the upcoming Introducing SharePoint 2013 series if you use the discount code SP2013WEEKEND when buying from this link: 
    (If you want to read details about that series, go to, but you can’t add the discount code from the links there). Code expires after the weekend.
  3. During the week, at random times, I will also post tidbits of information on Twitter. You can follow me @furuknap to get those updates.

Oh, and I reserve the right to come up with other stuff too. Perhaps a competition of sorts. If you have ideas for competitions and prizes that I could run, feel free to comment below 🙂

So, let’s see whether I can drag you out of your comfy chairs and into SharePoint 2013 Information land this weekend!


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