SharePoint 2013 App Marketplace – The Smoking Gun

You probably know that Microsoft released literally thousands of pages of documentation on SharePoint 15 (or SharePoint 2013, as I believe it will be called). Most comprehensive is the less intelligible open specification documentation, although that’s also where the good bits are.

You probably also know that I’m highly focused on learning what’s new on any new SharePoint version and that I write a USP Journal series that details this research and the findings. In the first issue, now freely available to members of the USP Journal mailing list, I wrote about the new App store.

You can read more about the series on the SharePoint 2013 Beta series webpage.

Originally I wanted to write a mini-series of three parts, but since this is part four, it means that I’ll probably write some more too. Here’s some additional findings to confirm, from the guys in Redmond themselves, that SharePoint will have an App Marketplace.

This passage, by the way, is an excerpt from the fourth issue of the above mentioned series.

SharePoint Apps Marketplace – A Job Ad to End All Doubt

In one of my deep searches, I happened upon a now retired job ad for a software development engineer with Microsoft. Sadly, the job ad has now been deleted, but I managed to get a screenshot and capture the text of the ad.

In short, the job ad is for a software developer who can help the Visual Studio team build the next generation of tools for SharePoint.

The ad, however, reveals more information than I suspect Microsoft intended, and confirms the existence of the new App model, the App Marketplace, simplified HTML and JavaScript, and leveraging Windows Azure and SQL Azure for data, logic, and workflows.

Here’s the description of the job being offered, and I’ve highlighted a few passages for your entertainment:

We are the Visual Studio Pro team – part of Visual Studio – that builds developer tools for SharePoint 15 and Office. Next version of SharePoint will bring about a new and exciting application model designed to attract and enable web developers to build apps for SharePoint platform. New model will significantly simplify use of HTML and JavaScript in SharePoint, leverage Windows Azure and SQL Azure capabilities for data, logic and workflows. This model is designed to enable developers to build apps that are ready to be deployed to the marketplace to reach corporate users, can be easily installed and upgraded without compatibility issues.

The job ad is now gone, but I’ve taken a screenshot that you may view below.


I’ve cropped some of the standard job ad filler, but I think you get the drift.

For those interested, the Google cache version of the page is still available here.

If you haven’t checked out the current information, you may want to explore this mini-series using the series links below or check out Mary-Jo Foley’s initial post on the SharePoint Marketplace.

This article is an excerpt from the fourth issue of the USP Journal  SharePoint 2013 Beta series. The issue contains more on the SharePoint App Marketplace as well as additional information, comments, news, and rumors. You can get the first issue free of charge on the issue web page.

Combined, this mini-series comprise only the content related to SharePoint Apps from the first issue. Later issues, included in the subscription, contain even more information, both in SharePoint Apps and other new features.


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    1. I haven’t seen the SP15 tools yet, but apparently there’s a new Content Type Designer component in VS11. It’s there for SP2010 too, but again, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet…


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