SharePoint 2010 Solution Sandbox Overview from Sahil Malik

If you haven’t noticed, my buddy Sahil Malik has published a great series of blog posts on sandbox solutions in SharePoint 2010. I thought I’d write a series myself, but now that he has done it, I guess it will have to wait for a USP Journal issue at some point.

Here’s the overview of the series, with links to his articles:

The definitive guide (Table of Contents)
The basics of a sandbox solution
Sandbox solution architecture and restrictions
Sandbox solution monitoring, management and deployment
Sandbox solution validations
Sandbox solutions full trust proxies

Whether you have absolutely no idea what sandbox solutions are or you want to know some specifics about what they can do, how to develop them, or how to use and administrate sandbox solutions, the series gives you a good overview without being too lengthy or geeky.

Thumbs up, Sahil, great work!


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