SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek: About bl**dy time!

I am certain you have been waiting as much as I have on the ‘real soon now’ availability of SharePoint 2010 and WSS4.

Keep yer pants on, hotshot, it will still be a while, and to make sure we suffer as much as possible, Microsoft has now released a set of sneak peek videos to show off some of the new features.

Now, I love SharePoint as much as the next person, but from what I can see here, I have one question for Microsoft: You kept us waiting three years for _that_?

I mean, come one, you’re not exactly creating a rounder wheel here, you’re adding bits and pieces on top of WSS3. I don’t see any new list templates, any new ‘wow’ stuff like content types and features were in WSS3. The artist formerly known as BDC, namely Business Connectivity Services (BCS) will be MOSS-equivalent in terms of availability (meaning you can still keep those pants on).

Sure, the supporting tools like Visual Studio 2010 seems impressive, but if we’ve learned anything from version 3 of SharePoint, it is that the amount of developer tools that improves on the Microsoft way would certainly go far beyond what Microsoft develops themselves. SharePoint Designer 2010 looks… new. But then again, I knew that. It’s still just an add-on, though. It’s not SharePoint, any more than a gas station is a car.

So, while the preview is nice, and it’s good to finally see some updates, I’m still far from certain why we have been kept waiting for, well, about three decades since the last release.

Anyway, feel free to head over to the SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek page, and make up your own mind. I just sound like a grumpy old fart.


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Bjørn Furuknap

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2 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek: About bl**dy time!”

  1. I'm going to go out on a limb here and, heaven forbid, trust Microsoft to mean what they say in that the videos only show a small subset of the new 2010 functionality. I personally would upgrade just for the functionality shown in the videos and at the promise of much more, I am very excited. The Client OM (object model) will open up many possibilities and solve problems we've had in the past. E.g. most remote B2B connections to SharePoint have been via built-in SharePoint web services (relatively lame) or writing a custom WCF service that runs on a SharePoint WFE and uses the SharePoint object model (better functionality but should be unnecessary). Also, LINQ to SharePoint that can join lists? Even without improvements to list structures (the rumored demise of EAV), strongly typed LINQ access to lists is a killer feature. BCS may still be an enterprise-only feature but being able to easily configure and perform CRUD operations on external SQL data, et. al. is a huge improvement.

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