SharePoint 2010 Site Creation Process Rollback

Here’s one improvement that I like. When your site provisioning failed in SharePoint v3, you basically got a new site with failed provisioning, meaning you had to delete the site before you could attempt the creation again.
This is a nuisance most of the time, but when you start creating more complex solutions, having multiple child sites, perhaps some code changes, activating features outside web scope, or other goodies as part of a site creation process, things start getting complicated. With the method I’m using for development, deleting failed sites and resetting the environment takes a lot of time.

Oh, and before you start saying I should use a different method, you should know that I usually spend about one week creating a new portal solution, including prototyping, developing everything from scratch, testing, and deploying.

Now, I’ve been looking into the new WSP-based templates in SharePoint 2010. As you know, SharePoint 2010 leaves the STP-format behind, and good riddance. From now on you get WSP files instead. They’re not particularly useful or beautiful WSP files, but at least it’s WSP, a format far superior to STP, especially considering the ease with which you can import a WSP into Visual Studio.
So I did. I started with a basic SharePoint 2010 team site and exported it as a template and tried creating a new site from that template. Well, it failed:
So, prior to splitting the WSP up and trying to fix this problem, I went into Site Settings and then to Sites and Workspaces to delete the failed site. But what did I see? Nothing! The failed site didn’t show up.
I’ll dig more into how this happens, whether there is some kind of pre-creation sandbox or if SharePoint deletes any failed sites automatically afterwards. That will be important knowledge for anyone looking to develop custom site definitions in SharePoint 2010. If you know, however, don’t be shy; post a comment or send me an email 🙂

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