SharePoint 2010 Running on Windows Server 8 Beta

So, it’s been almost 12 hours since the massive release of Microsoft beta software today. Of course, most people are focused on the consumer preview of Windows 8, but I wanted to take a look at Windows Server 8 Beta, also released today. Specifically, I wanted to see if there were any hints towards what may arrive in SharePoint 2013.

I’ll probably get back to what I found related to SharePoint 2013 in a later post, but I just wanted to show that it is possible to run SharePoint 2010 on Windows Server 8 Beta.


Click for larger version.

You may not be very impressed with this. After all, it’s just installing, right? No, I’m afraid you are terribly, terribly wrong. I started installing Windows Server 8 Beta at around 1700 CET yesterday, and right now it’s exactly 10 hours later. I spent that whole time getting everything working and took the above screenshot just a couple of minutes ago.

I’ll see if I can post a complete walkthrough on how to get SharePoint 2010 installed, but don’t even start unless you’re able to build a console application, manually install and configure all SharePoint 2010 pre-requisites, and do some hand crafting of web.config files. Oh, and you should know your way around configuring IIS too, particularly how to set up and work with ASP.NET.


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Bjørn Furuknap

I previously did SharePoint. These days, I try new things to see where I can find the passion. If you have great ideas, cool projects, or is in general an awesome person, get in touch and we might find out together.

6 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Running on Windows Server 8 Beta”

  1. Hey,

    Good job on this. But I’m sure MS will come up with a installation wizard for this?


    1. Well, there are some inherent problems with just building a wizard. Keep in mind that SharePoint 2010 was released before anyone knew what would happen in Windows 8, including breaking changes in the OS. SharePoint 2010 depend on features that are deprecated in Windows Server 8 and won’t come back, so the workaround I use include simulating the presence of those features. I’m fairly certain that won’t be an option for the SharePoint team.

      1. I have posted a guide on how to install SharePoint 2010 on Windows Server 8 Beta for those interested.

        On my blog at and cross-posted on the TechNet Wiki at

        I have also posted a PowerShell script that installs the server Features/Roles, configures IIS 8 application pools to default to .NET Framework v2.0, and Downloads/Installs SharePoint 2010 pre-requisites.

        With all of the above information, you should be able to install SharePoint 2010 on Windows Server 8 Beta.

        I hope this helps the community.



          1. Great work, Craig, you saved me from writing all that myself 🙂

            Your procedure follows almost the same steps I did, with only a few insignificant changes.

            To others, Craig’s post outlines what you need to do, including very useful tips on what _not_ to do.


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