SharePoint 2010 Feature Versions and Upgrade Support

SharePoint Solutions get an overhaul. Major overhaul.

The cat is out of the bag, and the first details about SharePoint 2010 has begun emerging. As I expect a lot of die-hard developers are, I have been reading the newly released beta version of the SharePoint 2010 SDK like a mad-man.

There is so much new cool stuff here, like the improvements to lists and the query throttling, the new SharePoint 2010 workflow features, the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client namespace, etc.

However, what surprised me the most is the new solution framework. If you have been developing SharePoint features you may have noticed that you have a Version attribute on a lot of CAML objects. However, the Version attribute hasn’t served any purpose up to and including SharePoint 2007 (MOSS 2007 and WSS3).

That’s about to change, however, as the feature framework will now support versioning of features. That means you can have multiple version of the same feature installed, and selectively upgrade only the features you want. Multiple versions can live side-by-side.

The SPFeature object gets an .Upgrade method, and many of the objects supporting feature containers, such as SPSite and SPWebApplication, gets a QueryFeatures method that you can use to find features that either require upgrade or that has a specific version number.

Oh, and upgradeable features is just a small part of the solution overhaul. I have gathered more information about this in the new SharePoint 2010 Secrets issue of USP Journal. That issue is, in fact, a subscription to a monthly update issue on new information about the SharePoint 2010 next version, up until the release of the public beta.

You can get that subscription for a one-time cost of $14.95, at


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