Paul, You’re an Idiot – The Dark Knight of SharePoint Rises

Dave Rubinstein of BZMedia asked me whether I would answer some questions about my role in the community. I said yes, he asked, and I answered. The resulting interview is published in the latest (at least at the time of writing) SPTechReport called “’The Dark Knight’ of SharePoint”.

Note: Incidentally, ‘The Dark Knight of SharePoint’ is a name Joel Oleson gave me some years ago, but he only calls me that when we’re alone and have romantic dinners. Just don’t tell his wife.

Of course, as soon as my name comes up, some idiot needs to rush to the scene to slander and lie about what I do. This time, the fella calls himself Paul (and I do suspect I know who it is), commenting as such:


(screenshot taken from

For those with image problems, here’s a play-by-play:

Paul: While his commentary is interesting and honest, the “freely available” information he references is covered by a non-disclosure agreement that participants in Microsoft’s preview program must agree to be bound to be in the program.

Bjørn: No, the information is not covered by an NDA. You are a blatant liar (at least I use clear words to say what I really mean).

Paul: Based on some limited reading I’ve done of Bjorn’s material, he has made it clear he does not believe he or those from whom he may get his information are bound by that agreement.

Bjørn: I’m glad you are able to comprehend what you read. It just proves that you’re very stupid or selective (or lazy) with what you read and form opinions not based on what you read and can research but what you stubbornly believe.

Paul: Apparently, he has a different understanding of what it means to give your word to be bound by rules of good conduct.

Bjørn: Because your assumption of guilt is false, that statement simply doesn’t make sense. You’re winding on about lies and how those lies prove I’m not showing ‘good conduct’. Here’s one statement, equally stupid and based on just as much fact as your claims: Apparently, Paul, you’re molesting goats for sexual pleasure, and based on that you’re a bad person not showing good conduct.

Paul: He’s made clear that he doesn’t appreciate MS need for the NDA, but should we then condone what he does and pay to subscribe to information he publishes on the beta because he doesn’t agree with it.

Bjørn: No, you shouldn’t, not anymore than we should listen to you because we condone your attitude towards goats. First, you shouldn’t, because any sensible person wouldn’t stick by their false assumptions when they’ve been disproven time and time again. Second, and most of all, you shouldn’t because what I do has nothing to do with any NDAs.

I published a comment on the SPTechReport article too, but I strongly suspect that Dave is too modest to publish it. However, when people like Paul show up with blatant slander like this, I don’t shut up. 


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Bjørn Furuknap

I previously did SharePoint. These days, I try new things to see where I can find the passion. If you have great ideas, cool projects, or is in general an awesome person, get in touch and we might find out together.

8 thoughts on “Paul, You’re an Idiot – The Dark Knight of SharePoint Rises”

  1. Bjorn, I have been a big fan of yours over the years, and appreciate your contribution to this community.

    I also understand your frustration regarding this situation as a whole, I find this secrecy regarding SharePoint 15 to be completely silly as well. Yet, when you resort to kindergarten-like name calling I feel that you do more to harm your own reputation than refute your detractor’s claims.

    1. Chris,

      In this case, Paul, although a real person, is simply a placeholder for the typical idiotic statements made by a certain species of brainlacum moronis that grows rampant in many communities, the SharePoint community not withstanding. As such, I’m not calling Paul the person anything, I’m calling ‘Paul’ out on how enormous his lack of a reasonable argument is.


    2. Oh, and for the record, my reputation in the community is not very important to me, nor should it be to you or anyone else. That’s actually the whole point of the SPTechReport article.


  2. Is this kindergarten or why are you expecting MS to share their future stories also to their competitors too early… Nevermind – this is pointless commenting these anyway. We live you B and your fight against the all mighty… Hopefully we all start moving away from SharePoint so you don’t have to be so frustrated…

    1. The competitor argument is as lame now as it’s always been, considering they are sharing everything for other platforms like Windows (early, incomplete, and barely functional version released over a year ago), SQL server, IE 10, etc. which are far mor susceptible to competition.

      This is purely an Office-division problem, who seem to think that 90% market penetration means they need to fight to retain their customers.

      However, I don’t expect them to use their brains and realize they are fucking up SharePoint with their policy. They know that, but they don’t need to care, simply because there _isn’t_ any competition to worry about. They _don’t_ need to care about their customers. I mean, where would the customers go?


      1. Like Windows and SQL server would he similar products like SharePoint
        .. Let’s compare to windows… We have seen now 2 pre-versions and what is the difference to SharePoint o this… With 2010 we saw one limited beta and public beta 6 months before actual RTM… With speculated dates for Win8… This asema quite the same… So mot seeing why you’d be thinking that there would be any benefits sharing these release earlier…

        Obviously you are right and MS is wrong… We all live you.

        1. You should see the difference between:

          “Here’s what we’re planning for the next 18 months; it is vastly different from what you already do, so here is plentyful developer documentation, preview versions, images, conferences, and events”


          “We’re not saying what we’re planning to release to RTM in three months; it may or may not be vastly different from what you already do, but we’re not telling you how, and we’re not giving you any documentation. Oh, and we’re crapping on anyone who tries to interpret what we have said publicly”.

          If you don’t see the difference, you’re either very dim or you’re just trolling.


  3. Bjorn,

    as per couple of snippets of conversations I shared with you on twitter – I feel for you having to put with this kind of people – narrow mindedness of such extent is just unbearable. Or barely bearable.

    It’s great that everyone is voicing their opinions online – true freedom indeed. Unfortunately they all forget one thing: opinions are like asses and everybody has one… Not being able to accept that plus general ignorance and you get one hell of a pointless argument.

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