Opening links in new window in SharePoint

Another question from a forum, likely to peak someone’s interest:

The following JavaScript (in the master page – default.master) opens a link list in  a new window but it is not work for My Links in My site. My question is that can somebody hit me how I can open My Links in a new window.
Thanks very much in advance.

I snipped the JavaScript as it is rather cumbersome and not very relevant.

In this case I would recommend looking at the Windowlinks feature that is part of Scot Hillier’s CodePlex features for SharePoint 2007. The Windowlinks feature will install a new list type for you, called Windowlinks. New links created in this list will have a wide variety of customization options, such as opening the link in new a new window and how that new window should appear. Take a look at this screenshot:


Try it out, come recommended by yours truly 🙂

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One thought on “Opening links in new window in SharePoint”

  1. Thanks! But simple and easiest solution is: Create a Site column of “Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing” type and add it in your list, which enables you to specify “Open in New Window” Option!

    There are few more possible solutions, including JavaScript, JQuery, SharePoint Designer, List Schema Edit to make SharePoint Link list open in new window at –

    SharePoint Link list: Open in a New Window

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