On open source and conspiracies…

Now, there is one thing I do not understand. Or perhaps I do.

Why is it that people bash companies like Microsoft claiming that they have some kind of sinister and hidden agenda to rule the world?

I have learned one thing about capitalists, and I believe there are few better capitalists widely known than Microsoft. Capitalists are comfortably easy to predict. Show them the option that gives them the biggest perceived profit and they will go there. They are fueled solely by the greed for profit, for personal gain, and for serving their own needs.

While this may deem them to eternal damnation at the perly gates (no misspelling there, got it?) I do not care, because I may chose differently. In the meantime I know very well how to cope with a capitalist such as Microsoft. I show them where the money is and they follow like sheep to the mass.

On the other hand, non-capitalists, call them whatever you like, seem far more difficult to understand. I never know what they really want. Some state that freedom is the only wortwhile pursuit, which is ironic since most of them havent got the foggiest what freedom is. Some people claim that ‘overthrowing the powers-that-be’ should be the focus of any concerned citizen.

Why? What drives these people? Are the hell-bent on overthworing everything they do not understand? Do they think that everything will be better by exchanging problem one with problem two? Are they just plain stupid?

I think neither of these are the case everytime, which confuses me. I never know what they really want. Half the time they have a clear motive, at least on the surface, and half the time they just nag and stand proud up to anything, good or bad, just to get attention.

I have a theory. Most non-capitalists, and especially those bashing capitalists for having secret agendas, really have secret agendas of their own. Thus, in their minds, everyone else must have the same mentality. This is called projecting. I don’t like it.

I do like capitalists, though. Not because I condone any profit-at-any-cost way of thinking, but because capitalists are simple people. No agendas, no secrets, no ‘I mean this but say that’ politics. They want your money, plain, honest and simple. I am given a choice; I can give them my money or not.

Recently there has been a lot of debate regarding the standardization of document formats. ODF vs. OOXML. While the techincal arguments against OOXML may hold true, I don’t give a rats behind whether it is vendor specific or not. The argument goes that we need a vendor independent format because we do not want to give too much power to a single vendor.

Bollocks! All power to Microsft any day! Or Apple, or IBM, just to make a point. I don’t care if one company dominates because they are still, simple enough, motivated by me giving them my money. As I do have a choice, they have to convince me that I need their products, and the only way they can do that is by giving me better products.

Give me the devil I know. I can handle him 🙂

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