Nintex and SharePoint Designer Workflows in Double Feature of USP Journal

Well, the cat is out of the bag. The next issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal will not just be A issue, it will be two issues. For the next launch, I’ll be releasing two issues of the journal, as part of a new series of SharePoint Business Process Management issues.

The regular issue will be on SharePoint Designer workflows, introducing you to the wonderful world of end-user workflow authoring. Well, power-user may be a more appropriate term, but being a developer, I tend to blur the distinction of anything that doesn’t respond “value in collection” every time I start a sentence with the words “for each”.

The SharePoint Designer issue will teach the basics of workflows in general and show most of the default actions that ship with SharePoint Designer. Throughout the issue, I will guide you through creating a complete workflow for a simple order management system. Finally, I will show you some techniques of the more elusive type, such as having a SharePoint Designer workflow iterate through a list of items or documents.

Now, the big surprise with this launch is that I will also create a free issue. I’ve made a deal with Nintex, famous for creating enterprise workflow and reporting products for SharePoint, to sponsor a special issue on their Nintex Workflow 2007 product. In that issue I will guide you through both setup and installation, but also show you how to use Nintex Workflow to save tons of time and complexity over SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio workflows.

I’ll also show you how to use Nintex Workflow to create a neat little workflow for your sick employees: A ‘Get Well’ card workflow to send best wishes to employees from everyone in the office. Suddenly, everyone will want swine flu, just to get a nice card with personal greetings 🙂

Oh, and I will also release a series of workflow web casts for I simply cannot get all the coolness of workflows inside two issues, so I’ll make a complimentary series to lead up to the launch. Watch to make sure you catch those webcasts starting next week.

If you sign up for the USP Journal mailing list you will also be notified when the issues release. I haven’t set a release date yet, so the best way to be notified is to be a part of the mailing list. Did I mention you get a discount code if you’re on the list?

You can sign up for the USPJ mailing list using this form. Remember to check your email afterwards as you need to confirm the subscription.



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