New Edition of Beginning SharePoint Development

If you’ve seen me less the past couple of weeks, it’s not from lack of want to post, but rather from lack of time.

You see, I’ve been working on upgrading one of the most popular USP Journal issues to a second edition. The issue, Beginning SharePoint Development, deals with, well, what you’d want to learn if you’re starting out as a new SharePoint developer.

A while back, I wrote a blog post on why SharePoint versions and tools don’t matter, where I said that I don’t see a point in upgrading screenshots when the purpose of learning is to learn the fundamental topic. In other words, because the core technology changes very little between SharePoint versions after 2007, what you learn in SharePoint 2007 applies equally in SharePoint 2010 and 2013, and vice-versa, for the most part. Granted, the .NET Runtime is different in SharePoint 2013, but that’s a different story and not one specifically related to SharePoint development.

So, why write a new edition? Well, first of all, I’ve learned a lot and gained valuable experience over the past couple of years since I wrote the first edition. Second, some parts of the issue, for example SharePoint Designer workflows, are definitely different between the versions. Third, I wanted to focus on the mentality of development in addition to the techy stuff.

These three reasons alone, at least the first and last, are not related to version at all, but are enough to make me want to write a second edition. So, having decided that, I could strike two birds with one stone by taking the screenshots from SharePoint 2010. I even used Visual Studio 2010 to cover all the bases, although I’m still a fan of WSP Builder so I’ve used that for the exercises.

You can use any tool, though, or SharePoint version. I’ve included a report titled “What’s New for SharePoint 2010 Developers” that show you how to use the, in my opinion, horrible Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint.  In fact, to ensure that even if you want to have the screenshots and exercises in SharePoint 2007, the purchase includes the entire first edition of the issue, including all the 21 videos that show exercises, tips, and tricks.

So, if you’re starting out as a SharePoint developer, don’t hesitate but pick up your issue today. There’s a ton of content, including over seven hours of video, all available for $14.95 at


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